Site Advantage / Description

Our factory in Tianjin is located 100km away from Xingang, the second biggest seaport in China for easy access to importation of raw material as well as quick efficient export.


Enamel is imported from the U.S., Japan and Europe.
Pig Iron & Coke is sourced locally.

Machinery/Production Process

DISA automatic molding machines are the primary production lines in our foundries. Totally we have 3 DISA lines in our group to enable us to produce 20,000 tones of castings per year:

?  DISA231Z Automatic Moulding Machine x 1 set
Pattern Size: 750 x 570 x 395 mm (29.53” x 22.44” x 15.56”), 550 moulds / hour
?  DISA231B Automatic Moulding Machine x 1 set
Pattern Size: 650 x 535 x 395 mm (25.59” x 21.06” x 15.56”), 510 moulds / hour
?  DISA230A Automatic Moulding Machine x 1 set
Pattern Size: 600 x 480 x 395 mm (23.63” x 18.90” x 15.56”), 500 moulds / hour

4 enamel coating lines for cast iron cookware and 11 enamel coating lines for top grates and BBQ grills, with an output of around 9 million enameled pieces per year.

Q.C./ Technical Support

Our QC system is set up based on 26 production processes from incoming raw material inspection to final inspection based on AQL and ISO9002 system. Quality control plans and checking jigs are developed for different products to make sure that all products have been duly completed, thus totally satisfying our customers' requirements.


8 engineers and 27 mold makers in our R&D center. The CAD system has been used for the design and prototype evaluation. Toolings are made in house by CNC machines. Color match and enamel test are implemented in our own laboratory. 

We complete more than 120 molds each year for new products. In addition to the products designed in house, we also develop products and components together with our valued customers.

All the designs and coating comply with the FDA, EU and BS standards.